French Country Style, Novelty Fabric
The French Country style encompasses everything from farmhouses to the French Laundry look. From tan laundry sacks with stripes and monograms to show which family a bag came from, to country toiles, and florals. And, if living on the coast a few seashell work in well too. Very much a mix and match look works well!

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Vintage china cupboard fabric rabbit Spode

A trompe l'oeil fabric. A faux vintage china cupboard fabric with vintage cups, plates, and a rabbit tureen!

This fabric has a vintage, gently faded look to it. This pattern is of china in a ...
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Price: $22.00
3 available for immediate delivery

Blue toile fabric Delft country tulip

A Delft blue toile fabric with a vintage look. A country tulip heart fabric done in tones of Delft blue.

This country toile fabric is all about the love of home and family. There are small ...
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Price: $35.00
15 available for immediate delivery

Black Spode Fabric vintage china

A vintage black Spode china fabric. This is perfect for a Spode collector!

Vintage Spode china pieces are shown with a variety of different patterns. There are vases, pitchers, tea cups, e ...
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Price: $22.00
78 available for immediate delivery

Nautical fabric ship starfish vintage French letters

A nautical fabric with ships, birds, seashells, and vintage French letters! This nautical fabric has a weathered, beach look.. perfect for any cottage from Nantucket to France!

A backgroun ...
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Price: $24.00
49 available for immediate delivery

Blue bird fabric heron crane

A bird fabric with cranes, herons, and other wading birds from the marshes of North Africa and the Mediterranean. Think Audubon! This is stunning, it is one of those patterns with true POW!

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Price: $34.00
9 available for immediate delivery

P.Kaufmann County Fair - Yellow rooster toile fabric French country

A golden yellow chicken rooster toile fabric. A country fabric that celebrates the seasons! This has many, many details! It is a classic! P.KAUFMANN Chicken Toile Fabric in curry! P.Kaufmann County ...
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Price: $25.00
68 available for immediate delivery

French wine label fabric

A French wine label fabric. Calling all wine lovers- this is for you!

French wine labels are layered, forming an interesting fabric! Some of the labels are stark, and others have more elabo ...
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Price: $24.00
19 available for immediate delivery

Pieced patchwork quilt fabric

This is a pieced fabric with added applique pieces for added texture and interest. This is one of the most unique fabrics going! The fabric is actually pieced together, and the pieces are serged ...
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Price: $22.00
5 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric fall grapes boys- destash

A Schumacher fabric with fall leaves, grapes, and children!

Children climb among grape vines, gathering bunches of grapes. They are surrounded by fall colored leaves and acorns.

The ...
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Price: $20.00
23 available for immediate delivery

Cat fabric mouse yarn upholstery- destash

A cat fabric with mice and yarn! This is a novelty home decorating upholstery weight fabric.

Cats are everywhere on this fabric! There are striped cats, calico cats, and many more! While on ...
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Price: $15.00
1 available for immediate delivery



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