Dog fabric, Novelty Fabric
Dog fabric- man's best friend is rare in home decorating fabric, but we look for it. Horse and hound fabric, dog toile fabrics, and dog fabrics with a specific breed of dog, such as a Pekense, Scotty, or greyhound are here. And one can not forget the retro pink poodle fabric!
Wir haben Hund Stoff, Hund Stoffe, and Jagdhund toile Gewebe.

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Dog toile fabric retriever pheasant blue

A retriever fabric. A bird dog pheasant fall blue toile fabric. If you need a lodge fabric or cabin fabric this is perfect!

Dogs are out and about sniffing the fall air and scaring up bir ...
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Price: $24.00
15 available for immediate delivery

Scottie fabric dog plaid

A Scottie dog fabric. A dog fabric with gingham plaid Scottie dogs! A cheerful, whimsical fabric for all Scottie lovers!

Cute, cute, cute! Gently smiling Scotties, with ears pricked, are re ...
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Price: $17.50
22 available for immediate delivery

French dog fabric vintage postcards

A vintage French postcard picture fabric with dogs. A dog fabric with vintage pictures and postcards. This dog fabric has a quaint charm that is unique in the world of fabric!

Rows of vinta ...
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Price: $32.00
9 available for immediate delivery

French farm toile fabric tan black toile dog fiddle Vervain

A French farm toile fabric with a dog and fiddler! This Vervain fabric is not marked on the side.

A woman stands in front of some farm buildings. She is stirring something in a wooden barr ...
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Price: $20.00
11 available for immediate delivery

Thibaut horse fabric green gold toile destash 47"

A Thibaut horse fabric. A fall toile fabric with horses, dogs, rabbits, quail, and- surprise- a fox!

Leaves, vines, grass, grains, and berries form partial wreaths that frame vignette ...
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Price: $24.00
4 available for immediate delivery

Pink poodle fabric French Paris retro

A pink poodle fabric. A very retro pink French Poodle fabric.

Perky poodles frolic among daisies on a strong bubblegum pink background. Some wear pearls, some have bows, and some have ...
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Price: $16.50
18 available for immediate delivery


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