Insect fabric, Novelty Fabric

Dragonfly fabric, butterfly fabric, ladybug fabric, lady bird fabric, with bee fabric, and other bug fabrics are here!

Wir haben Insekten Stoff, Libelle Stoff, Libellen Stoff, Biene Stoff, Marienkäfer Stoff, und Schmetterling Stoff.

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Embroidered dragonfly fabric aqua yellow

An embroidered dragonfly fabric with aqua and yellow dragonflies. This dragonfly fabric is unique!

This upholstery weight fabric has embroidered dragonflies dancing over an oatmeal backgrou ...
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Price: $27.00
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Embroidered dragonfly fabric aqua yellow'. Please check back later.

Fern fabric butterfly dragonfly botanical toile

A fern fabric reminiscent of a botanical print with script. A print that brings nature inside!

A delicate toile pattern of ferns, leaves, and butterflies is the background for this fern fa ...
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Price: $24.00
88 available for immediate delivery

Butterfly fabric document print

A butterfly fabric. A bold and beautiful butterfly fabric with document writing. This is stunning!

Huge butterflies and moths are shown on this fabric. Big and beautiful, they fly this way ...
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Price: $42.00
14 available for immediate delivery

Embroidered dragonfly fabric silk chenille bronze- destash

A silk fabric with embroidered chenille dragonflies.

A dupoini silk fabric with chenille dragonflies embroidered on it! Large dragonflies, set in rows, float across the silk. The dragonfli ...
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Price: $15.00
23 available for immediate delivery

Embroidered ladybug fabric yellow- destash

An embroidered ladybug fabric! Cute, cute, CUTE!!!

Large ladybugs are embroidered in red, brown, and pink orange with details of black and white. They are cheerfully exploring this soft y ...
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Price: $12.50
2 available for immediate delivery

Butterfly lace curtain fabric

A lace curtain fabric with butterflies! A butterfly lace curtain fabric!

This lace curtain fabric is a madras lace, and is 100% cotton. This is woven by the only mill in the world th ...
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Price: $50.00
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Butterfly lace curtain fabric'. Please check back later.

Rose petal fabric bee ladybug purple- destash

A purple rose petal fabric. A bee, butterfly, lady bug bird, ladybug fabric. A light hearted pattern with a touch of whimsey, and with a very unique weave.

Rose petal ...
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Price: $9.99
43 available for immediate delivery

Fern fabric lizard butterfly snail nature

A fern fabric. A fern fabric with lizards, butterflies, snails, and crickets! This nature fabric has a vintage look.

Golden buff dots on a creamy beige give the background to th ...
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Price: $20.00
10 available for immediate delivery

Embroidered bee fabric brown taffeta destash

An embroidered bee fabric. A taffeta fabric with very cute emboidered bees.

PLEASE NOTE: the second and fourth pictures have been lightened to better see the pattern.

Pairs of ...
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Price: $12.50
15 available for immediate delivery

Butterfly dragonfly fabric insect orange upholstery

A butterfly, dragonfly, bee, bug fabric. An orange upholstery weight fabric with a multitude of different insects.

Butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles are lined up in rows on this unique ...
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Price: $24.00
40 available for immediate delivery