Grape fabrics, Novelty Fabric

Grape fabrics remain popular for seasonal punctuation. Growing all season long, the fall season seems incomplete without a novelty fabric with bunches of grapes!

Wir haben Trauben Stoff, Trauben Stoff, und Wein Stoff.

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French grape fabric cheese post card document print

A French grape fabric with cheese box labels on vintage postcards. A French document print fabric with vintage postcards, cheese, and grapes- it does not get more French! This is a most unique patt ...
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Price: $27.50
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French wine label fabric

A French wine label fabric. Calling all wine lovers- this is for you!

French wine labels are layered, forming an interesting fabric! Some of the labels are stark, and others have more elabo ...
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Price: $24.00
30 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric fall grapes boys- destash

A Schumacher fabric with fall leaves, grapes, and children!

Children climb among grape vines, gathering bunches of grapes. They are surrounded by fall colored leaves and acorns.

The ...
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Price: $20.00
24 available for immediate delivery