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There are few truely romantic fabrics made for home decorating. But,once in a while one surfaces. It might be a toile fabric with lovers, it might be a pink angel fabric, it might be a postcard documentary print fabric.. While rare, when such a novelty home decorating fabric comes along it will be found here.

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Blue toile fabric Delft country tulip

A Delft blue toile fabric with a vintage look. A country tulip heart fabric done in tones of Delft blue.

This country toile fabric is all about the love of home and family. There are small ...
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Price: $35.00
23 available for immediate delivery

Heart fabric Alpine lodge mountain folklore

A heart fabric that is perfect for an alpine lodge, mountain cabin, or for those who love Bavarian and Swiss folklore!

This complex woven pattern features large hearts, set in rows, against ...
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Price: $35.00
20 available for immediate delivery

Paris French music fabric bird document script rose paisley

A French document script fabric. This seems to have it all! There are song lyrics, birds, red roses, paisleys, and more!

This fabric has lyrics to April in Paris along with parts of severa ...
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Price: $24.00
73 available for immediate delivery

Angel music fabric French celestial toile document print

A angel music fabric. A musical angel fabric done as a toile, with French document print. As the music is a nocturn, the moon is most appropriate!

PLEASE NOTE: The background is snow ...
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Price: $30.00
22 available for immediate delivery

Tropical fabric documentary script bird palm tree

A tropical fabric with documentary postcards and letters, as well as palm trees and birds!

This tropical fabric is rather mysterious... what tale does this fabric tell? Palm trees and birds ...
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Price: $22.00
93 available for immediate delivery

Angel toile fabric French document script pink Double wide

An angel toile fabric with French and English document script.

PLEASE NOTE: this is extremely wide; it came in folded lengthwise, on a core. The over-all picture shows 1/2 of the wi ...
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Price: $36.00
18 available for immediate delivery

Paris postcard fabric French vintage letters documentary

A Paris postcard fabric with vintage French letters and stamps! A documentary print fabric with all the charm of Paris, France.

Vintage picture postcards with scenes of Paris are layered o ...
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Price: $22.00
90 available for immediate delivery

Sheer curtain fabric pink yellow floral- destash

A sheer curtain fabric with pale anemones. This is just so pretty! It would be wonderful blowing in front of an open window. It would also be wonderful as a table topper or runner.

Ane ...
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Price: $9.99
20 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric Victorian bird maroon stripe

A Schumacher Greeff bird fabric. This has the look of a vintage Victorian fabric.

Maroon stripes, bordered with claret red, alternate with wide beige stripes. The narrow stripes are patter ...
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Price: $35.00
19 available for immediate delivery

Red French Toile fabric de Jouy classic country Double wide

A classic red toile fabric- a French Toile de Jouy. This red toile is filled with many classic details. It is one of those patterns where the more you look the more you see.

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Price: $45.00
8 available for immediate delivery



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