Nature fabric, Novelty Fabric

Deer in the woods, dogs on a fall day, waterlilies on a pond, birds in trees, lizards amongst ferns, and ocean seascapes comprise the nature fabric category. If you love some aspect of the out of doors take a look at what is listed.

Wir haben Natur Stoff, Teich Stoff, und das Meer Seestücke Stoffe.

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Total products in Nature fabric: 33

Retro Scandinavian wood fabric tree leaf fall orange

A retro Scandinavian wood tree leaf fabric. This Scandinavian tree leaf fabric has retro look... think Norwegian Wood in the fall!

Trees, with stylized details of branches, leaves, and berr ...
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Price: $24.00
31 available for immediate delivery

Black toile fabric bird butterfly passion flower

A black bird toile fabric. A toile fabric with the look of a document print. This is filled with birds, butterflies, and passion flowers.

Tree branches with leaves, flowers, and berries fo ...
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Price: $22.00
50 available for immediate delivery

Dog toile fabric retriever pheasant red

A retriever fabric. A bird dog pheasant fall red toile fabric. If you need a lodge fabric or cabin fabric this is perfect!

Dogs are out and about sniffing the fall air and scaring up bird ...
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Price: $24.00
30 available for immediate delivery