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Red orange Indienne fabric tan paisley toile

An Indienne fabric. A red and orange Indienne fabric with a beige tan paisley toile background.

A classic Tree of Life with large stylized dianthus, tulips, peonies, and acanthus leaves res ...
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Price: $25.00
35 available for immediate delivery

Orange seashell fabric coral seahorse still life

An orange seashell coral fabric with seahorses. Not just a toss of shells, but a still life with seashells, coral, and seahorses! This is a classic!

Four different seashell still lifes are fr ...
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Price: $24.00
19 available for immediate delivery

Deer fabric silhouette white toile linen

A deer fabric. A deer silhouette white toile linen fabric that is perfect for lodge decor, mountain cabins, or if you love nature! The scale of this is large, the effect striking.

Birds s ...
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Price: $35.00
24 available for immediate delivery

Deer fabric brown plaid rustic cabin decorating

A deer fabric with brown plaid! This deer fabric is perfect for rustic cabin decorating.

PLEASE NOTE: the pattern has been railroaded.

Portraits of stags are interspersed with ...
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Price: $25.00
5 available for immediate delivery

Thomas Paul Fabric Oceania dark blue squid turtle

A Thomas Paul Oceania fabric. A dark blue ocean fabric with lobsters, squids, turtles, blow fish, gold fish, and crabs!

Lobsters, crabs, turtles, squid, and the surprise of a blow fish an ...
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Price: $35.00
13 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric coral seahorse tan reversible upholstery collage

A seashell fabric. A tan reversible upholstery fabric with a collage of seahorse, lobsters, and more!

Starfish, sand dollars, lobsters, coral, and seashells form an ocean collage. The many ...
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Price: $25.00
25 available for immediate delivery

Yellow salmon Indienne fabric gold metallic

A yellow salmon Indienne fabric with gold metallic details. A Tree of Life fabric with the most unusual coloring! A bold and beautiful rendition!

A traditional Indienne pattern has been enl ...
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Price: $25.00
34 available for immediate delivery

Scalamandre fabric tropical bird parrot bamboo peach 6 yards

A Scalamandre Fabric. A Scalamandre tropical bird parrot bamboo fabric in peach. This is a hand print.

A tropical bamboo forest teems with birds and bugs. There are large parrots, Birds of ...
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Price: $600.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Chicken fabric small hens chicks mini

A chicken fabric. A small, mini chicken, hen and chicks fabric. This is just plain cute!

The words: cheep cheep, baby chicks, and little chickens are lightly printed between small baby chic ...
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Price: $21.00
35 available for immediate delivery

Whimsical ocean fabric blue aqua watercolor fish squid

A whimsical ocean fabric. A blue and aqua watercolor ocean fabric with fish.

Fishies dive and swim in the sea. There are coral branches, squid, and the surprise of a bell jelly fish! This ...
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Price: $29.00
15 available for immediate delivery


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