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Novelty fabrics as we get them in will be show cased here.

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  SAMPLE- Daisy meadow
Sample will be 4 x 6 inches and may not include all colors. ...
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Price: $5.00

Daisy fabric farmhouse summer meadow floral

A daisy flower fabric. A summer meadow floral farmhouse fabric. Perfect for a country home.

Sprays of daisies are surrounded by windblown flowers and grasses. It is as if a wind has blown ...
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Price: $24.00
33 available for immediate delivery

French fabric blue toile de Jouy country

A classic French toile de Jouy blue toile fabric. This is stunning!

Two different pastoral scenes have frames with scrolling arabesques and flowers in the classic French toile tradition. Th ...
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Price: $36.00
58 available for immediate delivery

Blue toile fabric european country watercolor

A blue toile fabric. A blue toile fabric with a European country look. This has a vintage, watercolor look.

A woman, holding a distaff, stops to listen to a shepherd playing a flute. He is ...
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Price: $18.00
36 available for immediate delivery

Blue butterfly fabric French script

A blue butterfly fabric. A blue butterfly fabric with French script. If you love blue, and butterflies, and document script fabrics- this is perfect!

Lines of large script flow across this ...
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Price: $22.00
30 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric blue ocean nautilus seahorse

A blue and brown seashell seahorse fabric with nautilus and starfish. A shell fabric for those that want a neutral ocean fabric in blues.

Life sized seashell and starfish are shown with s ...
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Price: $22.00
30 available for immediate delivery

Beach fabric ocean crab fish teal coral

A beach fabric with coral, crabs, and fish! A big and bold ocean fabric, done in the most cheerful colors. This seashore fabric has a touch of whimsy!

Coral forms the background for this ...
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Price: $34.00
24 available for immediate delivery

Starfish fabric denim blue star fish reversible upholstery

A starfish fabric. A reversible sea star fabric done in denim blue.

Starfish are set in rows on this intriguing fabric. They look as if someone has painstakingly laid them out on the beach ...
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Price: $27.50
40 available for immediate delivery

Chicken rooster toile fabric French country gold brick red

A rooster chicken toile fabric. A rooster chicken toile fabric with a vintage French country look, done in brick red and gold.

A wreath of grass, grains, leaves, and flowers frames a co ...
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Price: $22.00
23 available for immediate delivery

Indienne fabric Jacobean floral gold blue aqua

An Indienne fabric. A floral Jacobean fabric. A Tree of Life fabric done in golds, blues, and aqua.

Thick branches of a Tree of Life climb upward. It carries an amazing array of flowers, f ...
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Price: $22.00
24 available for immediate delivery