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Novelty fabrics as we get them in will be show cased here.

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Indienne fabric Jacobean floral red pink teal

An Indienne fabric. A floral Jacobean fabric. A Tree of Life fabric done in red, pink, and teal.

Thick branches of a Tree of Life climb upward. It carries an amazing array of flowers, fru ...
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Price: $22.00
43 available for immediate delivery

Seahorse fabric ocean reef blue toile- Destash 23"

A seahorse seashell ocean reef fabric, done as a blue toile! This is also available in blue on aqua. Used together they make each other pop!

Delicate sea weeds float in the ocean. One can s ...
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Price: $10.00
1 available for immediate delivery

P.Kaufmann County Fair - Yellow rooster toile fabric French country Destash- 27"

A golden yellow chicken rooster toile fabric. A country fabric that celebrates the seasons! This has many, many details! It is a classic! P.KAUFMANN Chicken Toile Fabric in curry! P.Kaufmann County ...
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Price: $12.00
Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'P.Kaufmann County Fair - Yellow rooster toile fabric French country Destash- 27"'. Please check back later.

Retro Scandinavian wood fabric tree leaf fall orange

A retro Scandinavian wood tree leaf fabric. This Scandinavian tree leaf fabric has retro look... think Norwegian Wood in the fall!

Trees, with stylized details of branches, leaves, and berr ...
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Price: $24.00
29 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric black modern graphic reversible

A black seashell fabric. This reversible sea shell fabric is unique! Modern, graphic, this packs a lot of punch. This has a companion of a reversible starfish.

PLEASE NOTE: During th ...
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Price: $25.00
18 available for immediate delivery

Nautical fabric fish net blue ocean rope

A nautical fabric. A blue fish net fabric. A wonderful fabric for an understated ocean look.

This rope fabric nearly smells of the sea! The netting is silvery cream. It rests on a backgrou ...
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Price: $12.50
50 available for immediate delivery

Coral fabric seashell reef twilight blue watercolor

A coral, starfish, sand dollar, seashell reef fabric. A coral fabric with shells, done as a watercolor. The twilight blue tone is unique!

Two different coral still lifes alternate on this ...
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Price: $26.50
44 available for immediate delivery

Starfish fabric black reversible modern graphic

A starfish fabric. A black starfish fabric that is reversible. This fabric is unique! Modern, graphic, with an over-sized pattern; this packs a lot of punch. It has a companion fabric of modern, gr ...
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Price: $25.00
18 available for immediate delivery

Travel fabric London England British map

A travel fabric! A London, England, British map travel fabric!

So, you didn't get to London this summer? No matter, it is all here on this fabric! London's landmarks are shown on this map f ...
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Price: $22.00
21 available for immediate delivery

Tweed fabric black grey

A tweed fabric. A black and grey tweed fabric. A strong look.

PLEASE NOTE:This is not in stock. It is available by special order. Please write for availability.

A wonderful ...
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Price: $36.00
999 available for immediate delivery