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Stroheim & Romann fabric green toile hunting

Stroheim & Romann fabric green toile hunting click image to enlarge

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    2 available for immediate delivery

    2 available for immediate delivery

    Stroheim & Romann fabric green toile hunting

    A Stroheim & Romann fabric. This Stroheim & Romann green toile fabric has amazing details. This country toile fabric has a horse hunting scene as well as a country scene. Set in the Swiss alps, it is filled with detail.

    Two different vignettes alternate on this fabric. A country estate is surrounded by tall alps. Set in a park, on the shores of a lake, is it's folly- a neo-classical pavilion. While swans swim in front of the pavilion, near the opposite shore is a punt. A man is lifting a fishing net out of the water, a small boy clings to his back. Nearby, on the shore, in front of a small barn, a woman is gesturing to a boy who has climbed a tree. Farm animals are in front of her.

    The second scene shows a hunting party. Part of the party is on horseback. They are getting ready to shoot a wild boar that their dogs have attacked. Other members of the hunt are resting while a man puts a brace of birds into a bag.

               This extremely detailed toile fabric uses many different thicknesses of lines, as well as cross-hatching to form the pattern and details. The background has a pattern of small three leaf clover forms. They are filled with diagonal lines, resting on a background of diagonal lines running in a different direction.

    This toile was done in four rather neutral shades: three shades of deep olive green and a dusty mineral blue on a tea-stained beige tone. The colors are very close in hue. The effect from a distance is of sagey olive on light tan or beige. Depending on the light the background can look more beige than tea-stained, and the toile in some lights greys out.

    This fabric is 57 1/2" wide. The woman in front of the farm animals is about 5 1/2" ( 13.97 cm. ) from the bow on the top of her head to the bottom of the lower shoe. The pavilion is about 5" ( 12.70 cm. ) tall. This is a mid-weight home decorating fabric. It has a tight crisp weave. It is perfect for curtains, cushions, quilts, etc.

    This is for a 39" cut, which gives both rows of the scenes, with partial scenes on each end.