Parrot fabric- fabric of the week! – 18 August 2014

Parrot fabrics are hot!



Last week the
Parrot Fabrics were the best selling fabrics!

While the Aqua Parrot Toucan Fabric
sold the most yardage,
the Parrot Jungle Toile Fabric
sold the most times.

The Aqua Parrot Toucan Fabric
has lovely tones of peach and apricot,
with brick highlights,
on an aqua background.
The Love Birds and toucan make it unique!

The Parrot Jungle Toile Fabric,
with its background of toile and Latin names
has the look of an old print.

The bright and busy
Tropical Jungle Parrot fabric
was a close third!

For these and other parrot fabrics see the

Bird Fabric category.


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