Week of February 25, 2013

This February the weather has been a roller coaster ride! Blizzards and snow storms have alternated with 40 degree F. As we head into March, the days are definitely brighter and longer!


MONDAY- February 25, 2013

The last month has also been extremely busy. Last Wednesday alone, over 150 yards were shipped out. It has gotten to the point where to get anything done, except for cutting and shipping fabric, help is needed. Being obsessive about how the fabric gets cut and packed, this is a difficult decision, but one that will be great in the long run! Hopefully, this will eventually give me more time to write, and dp other things- like house work! LOL!


A large number of destash pieces have been listed.
There are a few more to go, which I will get on in the next two days.
So, check the
Fabric Blog!






About a month ago I brought in a new bolt of the ombred starfish fabric.



This has always been popular, but is not a really fast seller. Most people want a yard or two for cushions. I had ordered a new bolt in November- it takes 8-10 weeks to get it, as it is woven to order.

We ran out of it in early January, and the new bolt came in near the end of it. Within a week a lady had taken 15 yards, leaving me with 43 yards on the bolt.

At this time I was contacted by another woman, who was doing a whole house on Long Island. She wanted samples of ocean fabrics, and I shipped them off. Well, she took the rest of the bolt of the starfish, for two sofas, leaving me with none. So, within 10 days of getting it, the bolt was gone. I, of course, ordered a full bolt right away- but, that won’t be in for two months!

About 10 days later I heard from the woman in New York- they were short 6 yards of fabric…this was not good.

The company does not carry stock of their fabrics. One gets the samples, places the order, and waits for it to be woven. And, they just had a new order management system installed, so there was no way to track who had also bought the starfish in the color I carry!

What to do? Well, I emailed every single rep they had, and my rep started emailing everyone in the company. And guess what? Nobody else had ordered the color we needed!

But, just as things seemed really desperate a lady who worked for the company wrote, saying they had found a few yards in the sample department!


They shipped, I inspected it, reshipped it to NYC, and hopefully it was enough to complete the project!

I will keep you posted, as I have been promised pictures!

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