Week of March 13, 2012

Well, spring is on it’s way! The temperatures are moderate, the snow is nearly gone, and the sound of blowers doing spring clean-up are everywhere!


Spring does not come prettily to Maine. It comes with brown rutted roads, swollen rushing streams, old leaves, dirt, and has no color. But, even at 40 degrees F. one senses the change. People start looking at their houses and yards preparing for projects in gardens, and other outside work.

See Sewing Notions, Maine Musings
for some pictures that were taken recently of
March in Maine.


The Mad as a March Hare Sale
continues this week.
Type “destash” into the search bar.


We got in a lot of fabrics this week.
For those who have been waiting for more of the
Blue Seahorse with Coral-
it is in.

Other new fabrics include two new hot air balloon fabrics- these are on linen, one bleached, one unbleached, and they are gorgeous. We are importing them directly.




See these in the
French Fabric Category.


Also in, and listed today-
two fern fabrics!
One is a botanical with a toile background and the other has documentary script.




See all of the different fern fabrics in the
Fern Fabric category.


WEDNESDAY- March 14, 2012

We have ordered new Toile de Jouy from France, and hope to have them here within the next 10 days! These are a bit different from what one normally sees in the United States. They are colored toiles- not just red on white or green on white, but two or three colors on a background tone. These are traditional patterns, but none are often seen here… very exciting! And the color combinations are to die for! Red with grey and white, gold with grey, blue, brown, and cream, and a multi-colored on deep blue, among others. We will keep you updated on them.

A new angel toile fabric!
Not your everyday angel toile, this is gorgeous!
100% linen, it is extra-ordinary!




See this and all of the other
angel toile fabrics in the
Angel Fabric category.


You loved it in blue, and it has taken months to get the red!
The seahorse coral fabric is in.
We have new stock of the blue and finally, of the red!
These are companion fabrics to a series of corals and shells.




See all of these interesting fabrics
in the
Ocean Fabric Category.


I was talking to a rep today, he is down near NYC. He said it was in the ’70’s there today! He asked if we were warm… I had to laugh! 34 degrees F. with drizzle… damp, and unpleasant! Sabina from Switzerland wrote this morning that she was looking forward to rain as she wanted to go out mushrooming! Let us know what your weather is like!

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