Fretwork Tile Fabric, Dot Fabric – newly listed

We just listed a fretwork tile fabric in four colors, an over-sized fretwork lattice pattern, and a dot fabric. Each is pretty interesting.

Orange lattice tile fabric
Orange Lattice Tile Fabric

The first pattern shows a scrolling lattice work that forms a tile pattern.

Coral orange tile fabric
Coral Orange Tile Fabric

What set this apart is the tonal, watercolor background.


Grey lattice fabric
Grey Lattice Fabric

The grey is a cool neutral. There is also a brown-grey colorway. It has the most complex colors of the group, as the background is layers of both beige and grey.

Grey brown scrolling tile fabric
Grey Brown Scrolling Tile Fabric

The scrolling lines are outlined with a neutral, giving the pattern more definition.

Blue tile fabric
Blue Tile Fabric

The bright blue tile fabric has an almost Moorish feel.

The other fretwork fabric listed is bold in color and scale.

Orange Gold Fretwork Fabric
Orange Gold Fretwork Fabric

While seeming simplistic, it forms a fairly intricate pattern of a scrolling pattern with geometric details.


Orange lattice fretwork
Orange Lattice Fretwork Fabric

Departing from scrolls and lattice fabrics is the following dot fabric.


Grey dot fabric
Grey Dot Fabric

Strands of off-white oval dots form a geometric pattern of diamonds that have an almost opt art effect.


Grey dotted fabric
Grey Dotted Fabric

This is a woven, upholstery weight fabric.

These can be seen in the
Geometric Fabric category





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