A Visit to Knickercane Island, Boothbay Maine

Saturday was a gorgeous day. And, having to do an errand in Boothbay,  we went to Knickercane Island as well.


The tip of  Knickercane Island, Maine

Knickercane Island is a very small island on the Barter Island Road that lies between Boothbay and Hodgdon Island. It was donated years ago by the Hodgdon’s as a park for the enjoyment of one and all. In the summer people use it for pic-nics.

But, Spot and I like to visit it just to visit!


Knickercane Island, Boothbay, Maine
Knickercane Island, Boothbay, Maine

The island lies in the Back River, which is actually part of the Sheepscot  River. It is a tidal channel, and being so close to ocean is salt water.  It has many pines and spruce trees.  The ground is covered in sprills,  what Mainers call needles.  They give the ground a soft feel, and deaden sound.




The ground beneath the trees has thick cushions of bright green moss.



An island in a salty bay does not smell like the meadows on the river!


Kickerbocker Island, Maine


The tide was fairly high, but slack.


Seaweed at slack tide


The seaweed was moving gently in the water.




Spot likes to wander the shore, but the tide was too high to get very far,



But, even so, he loves to visit Knickercane, as do I!


Spot- April 9, 2016
Spot- April 9, 2016

So, if you are in the Boothbay are, and want a bit of quiet from all of the summer’s goings on,  take the short trip to Knickercane Island.  Bring some lemonade, maybe a slice of blueberry cake, and enjoy this lovely place.

You will be glad you did!


Back River Boothbay, Maine
Looking Down Back River to the Gut






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