Rooster Fabric Redux – 11 February 2014

Love rooster fabric? They are back! Two of the old favorite chicken rooster fabrics!


Two chicken fabrics we have carried in the past are back in stock! One we knew went out of print. And the other, a French country fabric, we were told was not available. But, strange things happen in the fabric world!

First we got a call from a rep that a bolt of the blue chicken was available. Then, when we went to put in an order to a French company, the other chicken was back! Good things for those that love country fabrics!

So, we happily bring you two of the popular chicken fabrics!

The blue chicken toile fabric
features a blue toile farm scene.
Large colorful roosters and hens are shown.
They are followed by very cute chicks,
who seem to be asking questions!


The other is a French Rooster Fabric.
This has eggs and feathers,
with plaid and paisley motifs!

The roosters are large and colorful.



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