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Novelty Home Decorating and Upholstery Fabrics

Brick House Fabrics carries interior decorating fabrics. Our specialty is novelty home decorating fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and we have a special love for lace curtain fabric. We look for the unique, and source designer fabrics from a wide variety of mills. We love finding unique novelty fabrics!

Flamingo Pink Upholstery Fabric Bird Bird Flamingos
Chicken and Rooster Fabric and Toile
Whimsical Fabrics - Monkeys - Upholstery - Home Decorating
Indienne fabrics
Checks Checked Fabric : small, buffalo and extra large

Brick House Fabrics Blog

Equestrian Fabric Blog Post- Updated

One of the most interesting things for us is seeing new patterns. We look for equestrian fabrics. And, we have had quite a few horse fabrics over the years.

Rooster Chicken Toile Fabric

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? As far as fabric patterns go, that is a no contest question- the chicken! Take a look at some of the many chicken patterns we have had! Sadly, many are out of print.

Fabric Highlights

Orange Starfish Fabric, Teal Starfish Fabric- NEW!

Orange Starfish Fabric, Teal Starfish Fabric- NEW!

Monkey Fabric- Fabric of the Week!

This week the monkey fabric wins the Fabric of the Week prize!

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