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Novelty Home Decorating and Upholstery Fabrics

Brick House Fabrics carries interior decorating fabrics. Our specialty is novelty home decorating fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and we have a special love for lace curtain fabric. We look for the unique, and source designer fabrics from a wide variety of mills. We love finding unique novelty fabrics!

Whimsical Fabric Fabrics Upholstery Monkey Monkeys Cat Penguin
Chicken and Rooster Fabric - French Country Decor
50% Off Lace Fabric SALE! Discount Fabric! Sheer Sheers
Horse and Equestrian Fabrics
Checks Checked Fabric : small, buffalo and extra large

Brick House Fabrics Blog

Decorating With Color in the Winter

Yes, the days are getting longer… but, much of January here in Maine is not pretty.

Toucans Parrots Budgies and Jungle Fabrics

We have two new fabrics listed. Both jungle fabrics, they could not be more different! The first is an interesting fabric with toucans and parrot parakeets or budgies.

Fabric Highlights

Neutrals are the Colors of the Week!

This week has been all about neutral fabrics- checks, stripes, and a variety of other fabrics.

French Toile Fabrics- A Look at Patterns

Virtually every company printed toiles. While some were based on the traditional French patterns, many companies developed their own patterns. I decided to dust off these patterns for people to enjoy!

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