Horse Fabrics- Fabrics of the Week- June, 13 2016

Well, the Belmont was last weekend, so it is no surprise, but horse fabrics have definitely been what has been selling this week!

So, we have decided to celebrate with a horse fabric sale!  So take a look at these  fabrics, and check the Horse Fabric category for others!

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Green horse hunt toile fabric
Green Horse Hunt Toile Fabric

The one that has sold the most is the green horse hunt toile fabric.  This features a modern graphic design with horse and hounds, on a muted green background.  We also have it in a grey colorway. Both the green and the grey have been discontinued.

 We also have it in red and gold, which is still in production.


Horse and hounds hunt fabric
Horse and Hounds Hunt Fabric

For those who want a race horse fabric, there is the Gladiateur Fabric. This has a classic design with a horse bowing to his owner, after winning a race. We have some in the blue and green. Both have been discontinued.


Gladiateur race horse toile fabric
Gladiateur Race Horse Toile Fabric

We have two other horse racing fabrics.

Horse Jockey Fabric with Document Prints
Horse Jockey Fabric with Document Prints


Horse Jockey Fabric
Horse Jockey Fabric

And there are two other jockey horse fabrics.

Paisley Horse Jockey Fabric
Paisley Horse Jockey Fabric

The red horse toile fabric is slightly different with its scenes framed by ivy.


Red horse riding fabric
Red Horse Riding Fabric

There are other horse toile fabrics in stock, including the new polo horse fabric.


Polo horse fabric
Polo Horse Fabric

 But, mention must be made of one very unique horse fabric-
the Horse Pony Toile Fabric,
featuring the cutest pony ever!

Horse pony toile fabric
Horse Pony Toile Fabric

For these and other horse fabrics see the

Horse Fabric category.