Meadow Walk with Spot- Mid-June, 20016

June in the meadows is a time of change. The early spring flowers are gone, and the later ones are on the cusp of leaving. Spring is ended.


Maine meadow walk

On June 14th Spot and I took a long meadow walk.
It was warm and beautiful!


Maine Meadow walk


The first field had been mowed.


Maine Meadow walk


It was a glorious day!
There was a breeze, and the smell of cut grass said “summer”.


wild flowers


Underneath the trees,  the tall grass was starred with wild flowers.


Maine meadow walk


The next field had not been cut.


Maine Meadow walk


It was filled with salsify seed heads.
They are like a dandelion head on steroids!

Salsify dock

As Spot and I walk after work, we rarely see the flower,
as they close before noon.


On a walk early on Sunday,
a few flowers were still open.

Salsify flower



A field of them is enchanting.

Maine Meadow walk


In the back meadow Spot contemplates which way to go!


The meadow is filled with color,
which changes as one walks along.




Buttercups and rheum create waves of yellow and coral pink.

Maine Meadow walk

The rheum stands tall,
waving gently in the breeze,
while the buttercups sway below.

Maine Meadow walk


A froth of flowers adds a touch of white near the path’s edge.


Maine wild flowers


Pink clover


The pink clover says it is summer!


Vetch is added to the mix.



And the first centaurea have opened their flowers.

As the season progresses the colors will change from the predominating yellow and coral of the buttercups and rheum to the pinks of the centaurea.


Sky over the meadow


In the back meadow, the sky changes very quickly.

Sky over meadows


It is often very dramatic.

Maine Meadow walk


Along the woods the Cornus are in bloom.



Rounding the last part of the meadow, the plants are nearly above my head!


Meadow walk


The woods back to the first meadow are cool.
Blackberries are in bloom!


Meadow walk Maine



On the other side of the woods, as we end our walk,
the sky is filled with moving cloudsand the fields with moving grass.

Meadow walk




Earth and sky in balance.