Lace, Lace, and More Lace Curtain Fabrics!

The last few days have been filled with lace! We love what has come in, and hope you do as well!

Art Neuveu lace curtain fabric
Art Neuveau Lace Curtain Fabric

Years ago I found a company that produced truly wonderful lace fabrics.  Late last year we decided to add more lace to the inventory, so I wrote them. They sent pictures, and I picked out patterns that I thought might be of interest.

The lace was shipped out right before Christmas. First the paperwork got lost, and then the fabric got held up by a winter storm. But, it finally got here, and now it is on the website!

Most of the lace we got this time is Nottingham lace, which is a net lace. It is made on looms that were first used in 1913. The looms were recently updated, but this is the only Nottingham lace in the world being made this way. What sets this further apart from the norm is it is 100% cotton.

Iris and daffodil Nottingham Lace
Iris Daffodil Nottingham Lace

Some of the patterns are very traditional. This one is a very full pattern.

Traditional Nottingham lace
Traditional Nottingham Lace

It would be lovely for a wedding!

Nottingham Lace Curtain Fabric
Nottingham Lace Curtain Fabric

The bird/rose pattern is nice. The trellis of roses along the sides is an added detail.

Bird rose lace curtain fabric
Bird Rose Lace Curtain Fabric

This floral lace fabric has small bouquets of flowers tied with bows, which are framed by a trellis of twisted ribbons.

Flowers and ribbon lace fabric
Flowers and Ribbon Lace Fabric

Another traditional lace is the scroll and rose pattern.

Scroll and rose Nottingham lace fabric
Scroll and Rose Nottingham Lace Fabric

We did get one Madras lace fabric. Madras lace has a woven gauze ground, which is filled by weaving.

Flower butterfly lace curtain fabric
Flower Butterfly Lace Curtain Fabric

One of the most unusual lacey fabrics is not a true lace. It is lacey, but not lace!

Chevron lace fabric
Chevron Lace Fabric

This fabric has been laser cut into a lacey pattern! It is modern, different, and very, very intriguing! It is definitely for someone who wants something a bit different!

Chevron lac fabric
Chevron Lace Fabric

For these and other lace fabrics see the

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