Fall in Maine, 2023

While it is nearly fall,
it really seems like Maine is experiencing a mix
of summer and fall,
an over-lapping of the two seasons.

Down on the coast,
the sea is sparkling,
in a way it only does when the angle of the sun hits it
in the spring and the fall.

And marsh sedges have turned to golden tones.

But, as there has not been a frost,
some summer flowers are still blooming.

The late blooming Clematis virginiana
puts on a wonderful fall display.
Unlike Clematis ternifolia, it is not invasive.

Asters fill meadows and line the roads.

And, monarch butterflies are still here,
fueling up
before their long migration south.

Even though trees are not yet that colorful,
there is still plenty of color.

Country lanes are filled with things to see!

The rugosa roses, which form stands,
are now filled with hips in all stages of ripeness.

But, here and there a blooming rugosa rose
still fills the air with its fragrance.

The mountain ash make stunning displays
of color!

Small rose hips and winter berry add small punctuations of color.

Not bright,
but the silvery blue berries of northern bayberry
add their own note to the late summer, early fall gathering.

Even looking up
one sees signs of the end of the season.

Up to this point in the season
the trees leaves have been dull, grey,
and many have fallen.

Usually this is a sign of too little rain.
But, this year there has been a lot of rain,
and even the swamp maples that color up early,
have remained dull.

Hopefully as we go through the next few weeks,
the fall colors of New England will emerge!

But, in the mean time
there is plenty of other things of nature to enjoy!