Hand made shoes by Mary Wales Loomis

Mary Wales Loomis

Have you ever wanted to have shoes that matched a dress?

Or do you have problem feet and can’t find shoes that fit?

Mary Wales Loomis wrote a book just for you! It is called “MAKE YOUR OWN SHOES” and it explains exactly how to go about making a custom pair of shoes that will fit your feet perfectly!


I first ran into Ms. Loomis years ago, when I saw an ad for her book, I think in Threads magazine. The book covers all aspects of making shoes… with an orientation to having shoes for every occassion, and to match all clothing!

It was not until years later, when desperate for shoes that would fit my difficult feet, and take a full orthotic, that I actually bought the book and read it. At that time, the man building my orthotics, had another client, with the opposite issues of mine. I called Ms. Loomis, who kindly talked to the orthotic maker and helped him solve several problems, for us.

In the book she takes one through all steps to get a perfect fit… from making a cast of your feet to the actual construction of the shoe. The soles are cut from leather with a pair of leather scissors, the uppers are sewn on a sewing machine, and they are put together with adhesive cement. The instructions are clear, and you end up with custom shoes. So, if you want that perfect pair of shoes wait no longer! Her website and here book can be found here: www.marywalesloomis.com

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