The End of the Summer- 2016

Can you believe it? The summer is coming to an end!


Sunflowers are in full bloom, zinnias brighten gardens,
swallows line electrical wires.


Even though the weather is still glorious,
leaves are turning here and there,
and school starts in a week.

The summer is indeed nearing its end.


So, what do we have planned for the next two weeks?

We have two projects we are working on!

The first is a group of solids that will not be kept in house. They will be available by the yard, but there are so many we can not inventory them. The first group is a heavy tweed, with lots of texture. There are several neutrals, and a really nice coral, a turquoise, and a fern color.  The second group is a series of velvets. This is a low pile velvet with a soft sueded feel. There are a lot of colors- including bright tones of yellow, orange, and turquoise as well as dusky colors and neutrals.

The other project has been a long time coming. We have called it the Pillow Project. And, it is finally underway. We will be adding pillows in several sizes. They will be made to order. Custom sizes will be available.