Twill Fabrics- New Ones!

New twill fabrics have just been listed!

Teal blue twill fabric
Teal Blue Twill Fabric


There are thirteen new colors, some of them are heathered, some are solids. These have a twill weave, nice drape, and a smooth hand. They can be used for everything from curtains and upholstery to clothing!

The dark ones have a definite men’s wear look.

Men's Wear Twill Fabric
Men’s Wear Twill Fabric

Most of these solid twills are bright, intense colors.


Solid Orange Twill Fabric
Solid Orange Twill Fabric

There are five heathered twill fabrics, with a softer look.


Heathered Blue Twill Fabric
Heathered Blue Twill Fabric

Many people confuse twill fabrics with very heavy stiff fabric. But, a twill fabric has nothing to do with the weight of the fabric. A twill fabric has a twill weave, that is all. So, a twill can be anything from a very light delicate fabric to a fabric with a very tight weave, to a heavy canvas type fabric.

How heavy any fabric is has to do with the spin of the thread and the density of the weave.  And these have a very nice hand, with a smooth feel, and nice drape!

See all of the  new twill fabric colors in the

Basics, Solids, Solids by Texture-
Twill Weave and Herringbone Weave

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