Week of January 22, 2012

Winter has finally arrived in the Northeast! Chilly nights, with snow, have finally made the season feel normal. For those that love crisp cold air, with snow that squeaks under one’s feet, this is heaven!


SUNDAY- January 22, 2012

There is nothing like getting up, and seeing fresh snow, with the sun just coming up over the horizon. If you go outside it is so still, so peaceful, and yes, at 10 below zero F. so cold! The air going into your lungs is dry, cold. And walking on the snow, it squeaks! In a quiet dawn, breathing in, and looking up, is one of the great joys of living in snow country!


10 Degrees below zero F.
every limb and branch is outlined with snow

As the sun comes up
the blue of the sky intensifies,
as all of the snow glistens.




One of the interesting things about winter in Maine is the number of clear days we have. The Northwest may be covered with clouds, and so may from the New Hampshire line south, but we have clear brilliant sunny days… brought to us from Canada! February might be cold, but it is clear and beautiful!



As most people know the United States Postal Service raises priority shipping rates every January. And, as most people know the United States Postal Service is in dire straits financially.

This year the postal increases for domestic shipping is not so bad, and we are holding the prices on it. But, sadly, the increases for international shipping are huge, and we have had to raise the price of shipping out of the country.

The way to get around this is to fill the mailers and boxes, to offset the price of shipping per yard. There is a new legal size priority mailer that we will be using. While it has not been tried yet, it should hold 5 yards of fabric. We will keep you posted on that.


TUESDAY- January 24, 2012

Every year around this time what we call Seashell Madness begins. And this year is no exception! Shells have been moving out! The new bold coral fabrics with their many different inter-related patterns in either blue or red have been strong. The older classic seashell medalions in both blue and aqua have as well.

Today we have listed three new patterns that are perfect for someone who does not want the normal aqua or blue seashell tones. First is a reef pattern with seaweed, shells, star fish, and a sea horse, done as a toile. This comes in a cocoa brown with white on cream and also as a brown with white on a pale melted coffee milkshake tone. Used together they create an interesting look.






in brown and white on light brown


Also listed is a beach stripe fabric, in browns, with sand dollar chains. This is a good fabric for pulling together different browns and tans.


with sand dollars

This is also available in aqua and blue tones.

For those who love aqua,
a new bolt of the aqua deer toile fabric is in!



This deer toile fabric is just lovely.
It has a woodland scene with different vignettes about the life of a deer.
A fawn is shown with its mother, two bucks face off, a stag bellows…
it is all here!
This is available in red, gold, and deep blue as well.
The deer toile fabrics are available in the
Animal Fabric category, under
Other Animal section.


WEDNESDAY- January 25, 2012

The wind came howling in, and yesterdays warm balmy 45 degrees F. is a memory… snow expected, and it does feel like it!

Yesterday we listed the two ocean reef toile fabrics in cocoa and brown on tan. Today, the third of this series has been listed. It is blue and white on aqua, or a sea glass green tone. It is nice!


in blue and aqua

Not everyone wants Coastal Living Fabrics, so some will be relieved to hear there are just two more than need to be listed. One is a seashell in blues and tans, and the other is a nautical rope fabric. After that we go back to some French fabrics and we also have the majolica bunny fabric in persimmon!

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