Week of September 11, 2014

Summer is really over, and fall is really here. We have been trying to catch up with listing fabrics. The goal is to get all of the fabrics that have been sitting along a wall onto the website!

THURSDAY- September 11, 2014

It is hard to believe that September is nearly half over! Last Saturday it was really hot, and humid! The weather we usually get in mid-August! But, unfortunately it did not rain… thunder, but no rain. And do we need it! It has been nearly three weeks since we had any. But, it has cooled off this week, so even without the rain there is less stress on plants.

I love fall; but, the weather this summer was so glorious, days of sun with no humidity, that I am truely sorry to see summer’s end. But, the hand writing is on the wall. In four weeks it will be Columbus Day, which signals the end of warm days here in Maine. The days are definitely darker earlier- each day being shorter and shorter. Time to get all outdoor chores done!


A lot of things have been added to the website in the last few weeks.
So many, I have not had time to blog.

We have listed:

22 Tweed fabrics- with 4 more to do

4 Paisley Bird of Paradise fabrics

4 Funky Fish fabrics

3 French Garden fabrics

3 Butterfly Insect fabrics

and many, many other single fabrics!


And we have a lot more to go!
There is something for everyone!

We have a very cute turtle fabric,
a reversible ocean fabric
6 coral fabrics,
3 different paisley patters,
and a lot, lot more!

So, as fall rolls on, please watch the blog!


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