And It Is Spring- May 20, 2016

Spring has been a long time coming, but it is here!



The grass is green, flowers are blooming, and while there was snow up north last week,
and a full moon is tomorrow, which usually means very cold temperatures,
(which is why we are not supposed to plant annuals until after it happens),
we seem to be finished with frosts!

Maine meadow in spring

Over in the meadow the grasses have spurted upwards!
What was only a few inches high last week is above the knees, and has already flowered!


Grass in bloom

Everywhere one looks things are blooming!


Apple Tree in Bloom

The old hollow apple tree puts on quite a show!
It is hard to believe that summer is just around the corner!


This past week we took a detour from the normal listings we have been doing. Many, many people have asked for a large checked fabric, and we have found a company to work with that is making a 4″ buffalo check. There are eighteen colors. They can be seen in the

Extra Large Check category.

Also listed was a new seashell fabrics.
It comes in four colorways- two on a dark color, and two on white.

Teal seashell coral fabric
Teal Seashell Coral Fabric

Both teal blue seashell fabric and the orange seashell fabric
have background colors that are unusual.


Orange seashell fabric
Orange Seashell Fabric

On white they look totally different!

Red coral seashell fabric
Red Coral Seashell Fabric

There is also a blue sea shell on white, which we hope to get on today.

See these in the

Seashell Fabric category. 



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