Extra Large Buffalo Check Fabrics Listed

4 inch Buffalo check in spa
4 Inch Buffalo Check in Spa

We have just listed eighteen new Buffalo check fabrics. Why these particular fabrics?  Well, first everyone seems to want a larger and larger checked fabric. The one’s we have carried are a 1 1/2″ check. We thought this was a nice size for most projects, without being over-whelming in scale. We have it in twenty-nine colors.

But, the trend has been to get bigger. So, we added a larger check that is in truth, a variation, as it has a border of a different color, which gives it a certain je ne c’est quoi.


2 3/4
2 3/4″ Buffalo Check in Green

We thought this was the answer to a larger scale. The color range, while not extensive- there are only seven colors, was good; it has a certain panache, and it stands out from the crowd of all the other Buffalo checks.

Not being able to stock all of the Buffalo checks out there… and there are a lot of them, we have been trying to find one that had a good color range, that we could have shipped from the mill.

And we finally found one.

We just listed eighteen Buffalo checks with a 4″ check. Okay, so it is bigger. But, the real draw was the color range. Yes, there are the normal color tones of black/natural, red/white, blue/white, etc.

But, there are also some colors not normally seen- things for those looking for a unique color tone!


Deep orange buffalo check fabric
Deep Orange Buffalo Check Fabric

Want an orange Buffalo check?
We have three! From deep orange to salmon orange…


Salmon Orange buffalo check fabric
Salmon Orange Buffalo Check Fabric

to a soft pastel orange-pink tone.


Salmon pink buffalo check fabric
Salmon Pink Buffalo Check Fabric

Want a green Buffalo check fabric?
We have it- there is leaf, bronze green,  and mint green!


Mint green buffalo check fabric
Mint Green Buffalo Check Fabric

Other colors include marigold yellow, a number of blues, and of course,
the typical black, brown, and red!
But, there is also a most unusual color that one does not normally see in a checked fabric-


Purple buffalo check fabric
Purple Buffalo Checked Fabric

This is a very soft tone of wisteria purple with soft beige.
It is a pretty, understated tone.


For these and all of the other Buffalo checked fabrics
see the

Checks Fabric category!

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