Since we launched the site last fall, the whole blog layout has been in flux. We have now finally decided on a way to make the articles about color, design, fabric, home decorating, Maine, and food work. This has been a painful task!While my web guy still takes my calls, his frustration over my lack of ability to wrap my brain around how the system here is supposed to work was evident!!! But, we think we have it ironed out. The main blog will be short blurbs about fabric news, small tidbits about things going on in Maine, and other easily read things, with links to large articles as they are published. These will be published under what is now Fabric Facts, but will soon be called Sewing Notions. We think, and feel, that this gives greater readibility to the articles, and gives you a quick glance look as they are streamed into the main blog with links to them. As both of us feel this is going to be alright (large sigh of relief from the web guy!) it probably will be.

Other changes include Etsy. As many of you know I have supported Etsy for quite a while, selling destash there. And it has been a great thing to be part of that handmade community.  But, some of the changes over the last few months have made it evident that it no longer is a place that fits Brick House Fabrics. Their privacy issues for buyers, and lack of responsibilty to their sellers, being the biggest issues. So, destash things will be folded into the Discount category. This will be end of bolt pieces and flawed fabric. (yes, even first quality fabric has flaws). So, stay tuned for those to be listed soon.

Other news is that the barn project for a new work space is nearly finished. The fabric will be out of the house, and arranged orderly! (YES!). A new cutting table is on the way, and the whole project should make for a smoother cutting, packing operation! We can’t wait! Will post pics of it when we are done!

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