In the Face of Problems

We, all people, everywhere, are facing fear over everything from becoming ill, concern for loved ones,  loss of income.  The sense of crisis after crisis, from lack of essential items, to returning home from abroad safely, is prevalent. For some the sense of safety has been eroded.

So, I thought I would share what happened yesterday.

A while back one of my neighbors put together a list of people who live in our neighborhood, and got all contact information. Granted, our town is small, and our neighborhood even smaller, but still, it was an amazing thing to get everyone’s email addresses or phone numbers. And, yesterday, I got a bunch of emails. These were emails sent by individuals to those on the list.

The first one was an offer to go to the market for anyone who needed it. The second was to drive anyone to the doctor’s or hospital. The offers of help went on and on! Even though no one is sick with the virus, people are standing ready to help.

When 9/11 happened people came together to stand together, to support each other. But, with the virus, one is supposed to isolate oneself from others. Granted, in twenty years the net and social media make it easier to interact with people, even if in quarantine. But, what a wonderful thing to know that one is not alone, if there is a problem.

That is one of the nice things about living in a small town. The sense that we are not just neighbors, but we can be there for one another. One is not alone.

If one can, knock on someone’s door, and offer to give them help if they need it. In times like these, just knowing there is someone to call or that there is a helping hand is a wonderful thing.