Week of January 12, 2015

Well, we have finally settled into winter. Cold temperatures and snow! People who love to ice fish are happy that the weather has settled down enough to build ice.



A few days ago there were only 5″ of ice on the lakes here, today, 16″. It has been cold! And while I don’t ice fish, there are those who look for ward to it! I had to go down to Boothbay on Saturday, the trees heading down were covered in ice. With a blue sky, it is magical.



Whether you like winter sports or don’t, no one can argue that Maine in winter is a wonderful place to be- even if it means one is snuggled up by a woodstove with a book! Spot keeps me outside on walks. And we found a new place to walk in the woods. It is on a long drive through a preserve. It is private land, that the owners have given people the right to walk on. It is plowed, and is a nice alternative to the meadow trail that gets very icy. I hope to get pictures of it next time we go.


FRIDAY- January 16, 2015

The weather has finally warmed up… 20 degrees F… and last night I could hear the plows from around 3 am on… so there is new snow. It is still dark out, but, a line of pink is visible to the east, under a sky filled with dark clouds. It is incredibly beautiful!




The last few days have been devoted to finally getting the buffalo checks on line. These are the same colors as the 3/8″ checked fabric already listed, they are just larger at 1 1/2″. Like the smaller checks they are a woven, a true gingham. There are twenty nine colors, most of which are quite traditional.

Over half of them are listed, the neutrals and the greens. The blue tones go on today, and hopefully the red ones will get on over the weekend!

This is progress!

They are available in the

Check Fabrics,
under Basics.

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