Week of January 27. 2014

Winter continues to have wide swings in temperature, and the Brick House continues to morph!



Outside things change daily. Yesterday the weather was in the ’40’s F. It rained, blew, and everything melted. The rhododendron leaves expanded, grateful for a bit of warmth. Last night the temperature dropped- down to just above zero F. This morning the rhododendron leaves were curled up protectively.



One can actually get a fairly good idea of the temperature
by checking one’s rhodie every morning!

Inside the Brick House the fabric has been moved to the fabric stands in the retail space. This has meant really critiquing the stands, etc. And some adjustments are going to be made this week to them. Baby steps!


Due to many factors I have not been able to get out and about to take new pictures- weather and commitments for the new fabric store, being the two main reasons. So, I pulled some pictures from past winters.



The enkianthus at the end of the barn
looks like a popcorn tree in the winter!



Down the road horses share hay with a turkey!



Another turkey shows up at the bird feeder
outside the kitchen window!



As does a fox!



In Camden ducks sleep
in the snow of the town waterfall.



In Rockland,
the belted Galloways wait on spring.



Spot loves snow,
but can not figure out what happens to snow balls!


Hopefully this weekend,
now that the fabric has been moved, and adjustments made,
the weather will co-operate,
and I can get out into the Maine countryside!

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