Week of June 17, 2013

When the lupin bloom in Maine, one knows it is summer! They came into season very early this year…


MONDAY- June 17, 2013

On Friday a shipment from France arrived. And, it never rains but it pours! Several new patterns from another company came in. And this morning more fabic arrived, with samples! We are scurrying around today!


I have been working on the new categories for the
Sewing Notions

For those that have never looked at them,
they are up on the right top.
There are categories about fabric, food, and Maine.
It has been hard to find time to write,
but, with Christine on board I should have more time to do so!
I hope to catch up with the articles that need to be written.

In that vein-
see the new article about Lupin!

It is in
Sewing Notions, Maine Musings,
under Summer.


WEDNESDAY- June 19, 2013

This week we have done a lot of ordering of
new novelty fabrics from Europe.
And today four new ones were listed.
There is a second color of the new retro horse toile fabric,
a new toile with a vintage look,
a modern magazine fabric,
and a bright summery beach stripe fabric!

Tomorrow two more fabrics will be listed.
So check the fabric blog for details!

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