Week of June 3, 2013

The last week has been a roller coaster ride! Ten days ago it was supposed to snow. Last Friday, May 31, it was 93 degrees F.! That has to be a record!


The heat hit hard on Friday, with high humidity. In Maine we see that kind of weather in August, when the Bermuda highs head up the eastern coast. But, in May and June, never.

The lilacs usually bloom around June 5th, this year they were in bloom three weeks early. The high heat, with heavy rain, stopped them in their tracks, leaving them rotting. Rugosas, normally not in bloom until the middle of the month are blooming now. And the daylilies have started.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the end of the summer!


MONDAY- June 3, 2013


There are four new fabrics that arrived on Friday. I was able to get pictures of three of them done over the weekend, before the fog rolled in, after the heat of the weekend, and then the thunder storms last night.

There is a new equestrian fabric. It has a horse hunt scene, done as a sketch, in deep charcoal and cream, on sage green.

There are two new ocean fabrics. What makes them unique is they are fairly masculine. One is a seashell pattern done in browns with salmon and lemon accents.

The other is the ever popular seahorse coral fabric done in greys and tans. It has a stark, dramatic look.

The last pattern is fun… it is a flamingo pattern!!

We will try to get these up ASAP.
So, watch the fabric blog for details!

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