Week of October 20, 2011

THURSDAY- October 20, 2011
It is finally really fall in Maine. We had an extraordinary run of beautiful fall weather. No one remembers a warmer fall, but it has definitely come to an end!

The last week just got away from me.. we had to be away on business, and then other things just happened… my apologies!

We got the last of the pictures from Pumpkin Fest up in Sewing Notions, Maine Musings. The pumpkins did not last as long as they normally do, due to the warm weather… but I doubt if anyone is complaining!

More of the fabric that we are importing has come in… enough to start listing it. We will be getting things up and on tomorrow! There is a Paris, Eiffel tower fabric, other French fabrics were ordered, but are not in yet… hopefully sooon! But, quite a few of the shell fabrics are in, and they are spectacular… there are sea fans, corals, shells, seahorses, and one I call Atlantis! There are also three bird prints… think Audubon. They are on a heavy textured linen fabric that is fabulous. We are missing some ocean toile fabrics, and some nautical fabrics, that we hope show up before long… So, keep checking, as we will keep updating them here.

Now that the fair season has wound down we will be getting information about fabrics going for those that want to know more about the history of specific fabric groups… toiles, ikat, paisley, etc. And also information on home decorating fabric in general will be available… the ins and outs of the fabric business, as we see it.

Pictures of the business trip to New York will be up soon, we had to be in Hudson and Albany. The weather was warm, and it was the last of it… we are supposed to get five days of rain! Gardens and farmer’s markets are ending for the year.

SATURDAY- October 22,2011


An Eiffel Tower Fabric.
This is unique:
landmarks of Paris, France
in a modern, retro, with a vintage look.

A French toile fabric with a twist!

The Eiffel Tower Fabric
can be found in the
France Italy fabric category.
The background fabric can be found in the
Upholstery fabric category.

We will be adding the new fabrics daily over the next few weeks.. there are 27 new patterns, many of which are not carried by anyone else in the USA. Some of the patterns are on back order with the company, and will not be coming in until December. But, we do have the majority of them here.

There are only 2 1/2 yards of the Aqua Coral tree fabric left.
This has been discontinued. When it is gone, it is gone.


There is a small amount of the companion fabric left-
a coral seashell stripe.

They can both be found in the
Coral Fabric category

This week the best selling fabric was the ikat fabric in the new denim blue. The embroidered dragonflies came in second. The colors that sold the most collectively were neutrals, soft taupe, green, and pale pink with greys.


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