Winter Fabrics- Lodge Decor Deer, Bears, Snow! – 17 December 2014

New cabin and lodge decorating fabrics are in! There is a deer toile fabric, a snowflake fabric, and the cutest bear fabric.



We have been looking for a snowflake fabric
for a long time.
At last we have one!


This has large white flakes on a
natural linen background.

The neutral tan background means this will work in many situations,
with many different fabrics.

It is perfect for curtains or duvets.

The new deer fabric is very different.

This has two different vignettes,
set in rows that alternate.
Bold and beautiful-
this is striking.


This is done in graphite on
deep greyed brown.

Again, this is done in neutrals that will work with many colors.

There was no way one could pass
on getting the last of these fabrics!

The cutest bear is out and about in a snowy world.

He is investigating something in the snow!

It is a group of snowdrops!

Trees and chalets covered in snow
are seen,
as a small butterfly flits by.

bears and snow

For a different look
this is available in a natural linen.

winter bear in tan


For these and other
cabin lodge decorating fabrics see the

Lodge & Cabin Style category.


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