Craftsman Style, Novelty Fabric

The Arts & Crafts movement was a direct response to the industrialization of the Victorian era and also to the excess of it. Rooted in the past, the look was cleaner, and less cluttered. The over abundance of the Victoian era gave way to a cleaner, simpler look. Not advocating a particular style, the movement placed emphasis on craftsmanship, rather than what the industialized, mechanized world was providing. It also emphasized better work place enviornment. It was as much a political reformation as decorative one.

Though it started in England, it soon spread to other parts of the world, and craftsman communitees were started where craftsman could work and live in an environment in keeping with the political and social ideals. Architectual buildings such as bunglalow style houses and Frank Loyd Wright were rooted in this movement, which influenced every part of a home- from pottery, door handles, linens, furniture, etc.

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Greeff fabric Jacobean Indienne bright floral

A Greeff fabric. A Jacobean Indienne tree of life fabric.

Branches of a tree of life are covered with swirling leaves and fantastic flowers and fruit. There are many intriguing details: ...
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Price: $70.00
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Retro Scandinavian fabric mushroom craftsman orange

A retro Scandinavian mushroom fabric! A Scandinavian style fabric with orange and red mushrooms. Perfect for a craftsman house! This large scale fabric has a bold graphic look.

The mushroo ...
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Price: $24.00
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Ikat fabric retro Craftsman African ethnic destash

A retro ikat fabric. A purple, orange, raspberry, brown ikat fabric. This ikat fabric would be a great addition to a Craftsman room or for an Africa or ethnic look.

This fabric has strip ...
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Price: $16.00
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Schumacher fabric retro blue Indienne 3 yards

A Schumacher Greeff fabric. A Schumacher Greeff retro Indienne floral fabric with a blue background.

A unique rendering of an Indienne floral fabric. This has a definite retro feel to it! ...
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Price: $150.00
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Schumacher fabric retro jungle leaves leaf night destash

A Schumacher fabric. This retro fabric shows a jungle at night!

PLEASE NOTE: if you order more than one it will not be continuous.

A tropical jungle at night! Large tropical lea ...
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Price: $175.00
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Fern fabric butterfly dragonfly botanical toile

A fern fabric reminiscent of a botanical print with script. A print that brings nature inside!

A delicate toile pattern of ferns, leaves, and butterflies is the background for this fern fa ...
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Price: $24.00
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Victorian lace fabric calla lily- 2 yards

A lace curtain fabric with Victorian calla lilies. A calla lily lace curtain fabric. This is perfect for a Victorian home. It is the same pattern as one by Anna French.

This lace curtain ...
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Price: $110.00
30 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House fabric retro plaid moire- destash- 4 yards

Clarence House fabric that is a retro chintz with blue moire stripes.

This Clarence House chintz fabric has three different patterns. One would not think they would work together, but sur ...
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Price: $200.00
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Lee Behren Silks Asian batik fabric tan- destash

A Lee Behren Silks fabric. This has an Asian ethnic, batik and resist look.

Stylized vines of deep tonal brown wind upward on the fabric, framing onion shaped forms. Some of the onion sha ...
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Price: $30.00
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Aqua blue sunflower fabric moire upholstery morning glory- destash 1 2/3 yard

A blue floral upholstery fabric. This has a large floral pattern with sunflowers, morning glories, and other flowers on a tonal blue background.

Large flowers- sunflowers, morning glories, ...
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Price: $25.00
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