Asian fabric, Novelty Fabric

Asian fabrics and Oriental fabrics are in two categories.

The Asian fabrics have patterns that have the look of, or are based on, patterns from India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Middle East. These novelty fabrics include ikat fabric, resist fabric, batik fabric, and the Indienne fabrics.


The Oriental patterns, while being Asiatic, are based on, or have the look and feel, of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean fabrics, including chinoiserie fabric.

Wir haben Chinoiserie Stoff, orientalische Stoffe, chinesische toile Stoff, Batik-Stoff, etc.

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Total products in Asian fabric: 41

Oriental fabric vintage Imari china

A woven upholstery fabric with vintage Japanese Imari china. This Imari china fabric is amazing! It is one of the most complex woven patterns we have seen.

Over-lapping chargers and platte ...
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Price: $64.00
47 available for immediate delivery

Greeff Fabric Japanese Temari balls

A Greeff fabric with Japanese Temari balls! This is a most unique Asian Oriental fabric!

Stylized bamboo grows out of a calm lotus pool. Large tropical leaves and a variety of flowers and ...
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Price: $133.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Goldfish fabric orange fish pond

A goldfish fabric. A gold fish pond fabric with larger than life goldfish! An amazing fabric, but you have to love orange!

Pond grass and weed are highlighted by a sponged shadow print. Ove ...
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Price: $22.00
31 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric Oriental toile chinoiserie- destash

A Schumacher Asian Oriental chinoiserie black toile fabric.

Tree branches blooming with stylized flowers and fruit frame three different country vignettes on this fabric. While one has a m ...
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Price: $70.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Indian elephant fabric brown toile

An Indian fabric of brown toile with a jaguar print. An elephant tiger deer horse peacock fabric.

Exotic Indian animals highlight this unique fabric. Deer, horse, and peacock rest in deco ...
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Price: $19.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Crewel work fabric deer bird

A crewel work fabric with animals. Yes, this is true crewel work- the design is chain stitched onto the background.

A bird flies away as deer run by. Below them two cat like animals play a ...
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Price: $64.99
11 available for immediate delivery

Parrot fabric tropical peach Oriental

A tropical parrot fabric with butterflies, flowers, and peaches. There are lilies, peonies, alstroemeria, berries, and seed pods. Some elements are reminiscent of Oriental cloisonne.

A b ...
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Price: $15.33
30 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric retro tropical bamboo floral

A Schumacher fabric with a retro feel. A tropical bamboo Schumacher fabric. This is a table print.

A patch of bamboo alternates with a branch blooming with tropical flowers. The small rather ...
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Price: $160.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric paisley blue red

This Schumacher paisley fabric is amazing. This is a woven upholstery weight fabric with the look of a Persian rug. The weaving on this is amazing. It is so fine it looks printed.

Fit for a ...
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Price: $200.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House Fabric Oriental red toile chinoiserie

A Clarence House Fabric with an Asian Oriental chinoiserie red toile pattern.

This Clarence House Fabric has a complex Asian Oriental pattern. There are four different vignettes. Large han ...
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Price: $100.00
6 available for immediate delivery