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When decorating a home one tends to take it all very seriously, looking for things that are perfect together, getting the right look. But, sometimes a jolt of whimsey, and breath of humor adds so much to the over-all feel of a room and home.

This category is for those that want something to give a little omph to their home...something to make one smile! It does not have to be a huge thing, but it is nice to smile about things! So, here are a few fabrics that might just give you that lift!

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Bird fabric tree leaves math mathematic arithmetic

A bird fabric. A bird fabric with tree leaves for math lovers! This whimsical mathematic, arithmetic fabric is filled with whimsey.

An addition of mathematical birds is having a math meet! ...
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Price: $22.00
29 available for immediate delivery

Bird fabric cherry blossoms spring watercolor pink flowers

A bird fabric. A bird fabric with cherry blossoms! Cute, cute, cute! This watercolor fabric says "spring"!

A tree with cherry like fruit is blooming with flowers. A flock of birds is nearl ...
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Price: $17.00
54 available for immediate delivery

Butterfly fabric French script orange blue green

A butterfly fabric. An orange, blue, green butterfly fabric with French script. If you love butterflies, and document script fabrics- this is perfect!

Big, beautiful butterflies flutter acr ...
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Price: $22.00
28 available for immediate delivery

Poppy tulip floral fabric coral pink grey

A poppy tulip floral fabric. This poppy tulip flower fabric makes one gasp! First, the scale is HUGE! Second, the colors are stunning! Third, against the grey background the colors glow. Also ava ...
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Price: $22.00
28 available for immediate delivery

Retro Scandinavian fabric mushroom craftsman orange

A retro Scandinavian mushroom fabric! A Scandinavian style fabric with orange and red mushrooms. Perfect for a craftsman house! This large scale fabric has a bold graphic look.

The mushroo ...
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Price: $24.00
6 available for immediate delivery

Alice in Wonderland fabric

An Alice in Wonderland fabric! Oh, joy, oh, joy! We have not had an Alice fabric in a long time!

Alice with characters from the story are here: the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit. Other det ...
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Price: $18.50
1 available for immediate delivery

Oriental dragon fabric Asian orange

A dragon fabric. An Asian Oriental dragon fabric in orange. A Chinese dragon fabric, for those who love the mythical!

Out of swirling clouds a herd of dragons emerges. Horned, with scales a ...
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Price: $27.50
21 available for immediate delivery

Provence fabric Indienne paisley panel violet salmon rose pink

A Provence fabric with an Indienne panel design. This Indienne paisley pattern is done in pretty tones of violet, pink, and salmon rose. It is a very cheerful fabric.

Panels, bordered with ...
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Price: $32.00
16 available for immediate delivery

Fantasy fabric ballerina Eiffel Tower surreal dream

A fantasy fabric. A surreal dream fabric with a ballerina and the Eiffel Tower! Once in a while a fabric comes along that makes one gasp! And, boy- this one does! If one wants a truely unique fabr ...
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Price: $24.00
11 available for immediate delivery

Retro 50's fabric rock and roll upholstery

A retro 50's fabric! If you love the '50's, you will love this upholstery fabric with rock and roll!

This fabric seems to have it all- pin-ups and starlets, scooters and T-birds, gramaphone ...
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Price: $35.00
24 available for immediate delivery



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