Vintage look fabric, Novelty Fabric

Vintage look fabric with their different colors and patterns offer an alternative to hard edge modern designs. Often with a tea-stained background, they work well with the shabby chic look as well as other decorating styles. Cabin decor, lodge style, ranch style, and others are just a few style types that vintage look fabrics work with well.

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French wine fabric document script

A French wine fabric with wine corks, corkscrews, and other wine related items, as well as document script. This is perfect for a wine lover!

Items related to wine are shown on this fabric. ...
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Price: $23.00
12 available for immediate delivery

Modern retro fabric optic op opt art psychadelic

A modern retro op art fabric. This retro modern opt art fabric is really amazing!

Squares, parallelograms, and hexagons form a psychedelic pattern. Formed of colored lines that alternate wi ...
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Price: $25.00
19 available for immediate delivery

Provence fabric olive beige France French

A Provence, France fabric with olives!

Small branches with olives intermingle with terminology about both olives and olive oil, in English, French, Italian, and Greek!

The olives ...
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Price: $23.00
7 available for immediate delivery

French English menu fabric document script brown toile

A French English resturant menu document script with silverware fabric, with a vintage look.

A truely unique fabric! Antique silverware is shown resting on a variety of different menus and ...
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Price: $23.00
49 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric paisley blue red

This Schumacher paisley fabric is amazing. This is a woven upholstery weight fabric with the look of a Persian rug. The weaving on this is amazing. It is so fine it looks printed.

Fit for a ...
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Price: $200.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Medieval fabric heraldic shield angel griffin

A medieval fabric with heraldic shields and crests. This would be wonderful in a library!

PLEASE NOTE: the pictures are not correct. The close-up has been lightened ext ...
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Price: $18.00
10 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric horse hunt toile

A Schumacher fabric. A horse hunting fabric.

This has a background grid of diamonds, shaded with many small lines. Over this are two large scenes with several smaller ones. The fir ...
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Price: $36.00
6 available for immediate delivery

Bunny rabbit lace curtain fabric ecru

A bunny rabbit toile fabric. A lace curtain fabric.

This Nottingham net is lace woven on 100 year old looms. It has an extremely high cotton content of 95% cotton with 5% polyester for st ...
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Price: $50.00
15 available for immediate delivery

Victorian lace fabric calla lily- 2 yards

A lace curtain fabric with Victorian calla lilies. A calla lily lace curtain fabric. This is perfect for a Victorian home. It is the same pattern as one by Anna French.

This lace curtain ...
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Price: $110.00
10 available for immediate delivery

Clarence House fabric colonial blue stripe floral

A Clarence House fabric with stripes and blue flowers. This seemingly simple fabric has the look of a vintage fabric that could be colonial, English, or French. It is perfect for use in ...
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Price: $75.00
23 available for immediate delivery