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Brick House Fabrics looks for novelty fabric that evokes life in France, Italy, or other European countries. Whether it is a toile fabric, or a scenic fabric, they can add special interest to a room. And the new document prints with the emphasis on Europe, France, and Italy, fit right in!

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French English menu fabric document script brown toile

A French English resturant menu document script with silverware fabric, with a vintage look.

A truely unique fabric! Antique silverware is shown resting on a variety of different menus and ...
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Price: $23.00
41 available for immediate delivery

Provence Fabric olive oil blue document script

A Provence, France olive oil fabric with document script!

PLEASE NOTE: this is a non-directional print- all pattern parts are shown in all directions.

French script, names of d ...
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Price: $23.00
16 available for immediate delivery

Provence fabric French olives blue

A Provence, France fabric with olives! This has a companion fabric, shown in the last picture.

Small branches with olives intermingle with terminology about both olives and olive oil, in ...
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Price: $23.00
28 available for immediate delivery

Tea fabric Provence French document green toile

A tea fabric for the French! A document print green toile fabric. Perfect for those who love tea, or the French laundry look.

The names of tea, and places they are from, are shown in Fre ...
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Price: $24.00
2 available for immediate delivery

French wine label fabric

A French wine label fabric. Calling all wine lovers- this is for you!

French wine labels are layered, forming an interesting fabric! Some of the labels are stark, and others have more elabo ...
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Price: $24.00
25 available for immediate delivery

Hot air balloon fabric Paris France toile

A hot air balloon fabric. A fabric with toile scenes of Paris, France and other places

The great hot air balloon race of 1889 shows balloons flying over Paris, crossing a beach, and over Lo ...
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Price: $35.00
30 available for immediate delivery

Eiffel Tower Fabric Paris France purple toile

An Eiffel Tower fabric showing landmarks of Paris, France. This purple toile fabric is fascinating, being retro and modern with a vintage look.

The landmarks of Paris are shown. One sees N ...
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Price: $24.00
50 available for immediate delivery

Paris postcard fabric French vintage letters documentary

A Paris postcard fabric with vintage French letters and stamps! A documentary print fabric with all the charm of Paris, France.

Vintage picture postcards with scenes of Paris are layered o ...
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Price: $22.00
90 available for immediate delivery

Paris fabric Eiffel Tower document script postcards stamps

A postcard document fabric with pictures of Paris and Rome, and script. For those that want something a bit different!

Vintage post cards with scenes of Paris- the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Tri ...
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Price: $22.00
101 available for immediate delivery

Retro fabric Eiffel tower Paris, France French postcard vintage hats 45"

An Eiffel tower Paris, France fabric with vintage French postcards!

PLEASE NOTE: The background color is a taupe-beige tone.

Vintage French postcards overlap on a background ...
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Price: $43.00
10 available for immediate delivery



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