Tropical fabric, Novelty Fabric

Home decorating fabric with a tropical pattern can be anything with palm trees with monkeys, florals, sea shell fabric. And the colors can be bright and bold or subdued. That said, when one sees a tropical print, one knows what it is!

Tropical Stoff, tropische Blumen Stoffe, Dschungel Stoffe finden Sie hier.

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Parrot fabric tropical jungle toile document print

A parrot fabric. A tropical jungle parrot toile fabric.

Bright and colorful parrots stand out from backgrounds of delicate toile vignettes. The names of the parrots, written in both Latin ...
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Price: $30.00
47 available for immediate delivery

Tropical fabric documentary script bird palm tree

A tropical fabric with documentary postcards and letters, as well as palm trees and birds!

This tropical fabric is rather mysterious... what tale does this fabric tell? Palm trees and birds ...
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Price: $22.00
93 available for immediate delivery

Parrot fabric tropical peach Oriental

A tropical parrot fabric with butterflies, flowers, and peaches. There are lilies, peonies, alstroemeria, berries, and seed pods. Some elements are reminiscent of Oriental cloisonne.

A b ...
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Price: $15.33
13 available for immediate delivery

Coral fabric tropical sea shell upholstery- destash

A seashell coral fabric in pretty tropical colors! Rows of seashells and coral, in bright tropical colors, alternate on this woven upholstery fabric.

Pretty tropical colors of lime green, y ...
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Price: $25.00
2 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric tropical leaves botanical

A Schumacher fabric. A Schumacher botanical tropical tree leaf fabric with a very large scale! This is a handprint.

Something a bit different! Large leaves are shown on mottled tan rectan ...
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Price: $125.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric retro jungle leaves leaf night destash

A Schumacher fabric. This retro fabric shows a jungle at night!

PLEASE NOTE: if you order more than one it will not be continuous.

A tropical jungle at night! Large tropical lea ...
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Price: $175.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher orchid fabric hibiscus green 52"

A Schumacher fabric. An orchid hibiscus passion flower clematis fabric.

Thin branches wind upward across a soft lime green background. They are covered with a wide array of tropical flower ...
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Price: $43.33
1 available for immediate delivery

Vervain fabric modern leaves orange

A Vervain fabric with leaves. This has a modern retro feel to it. Though muted in tone, the scale gives this pow factor!

PLEASE NOTE:The leaves are tan and banana cream. ...
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Price: $35.00
7 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher Greeff fabric Victorian blue green toile retro

A Schumacher Greeff toile fabric. This Schumacher Greeff toile fabric has Victorian scenes done in retro acid green and blue colors.

Victorian children are playing in a park. This toile pa ...
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Price: $100.00
1 available for immediate delivery

Schumacher fabric retro tropical bamboo floral

A Schumacher fabric with a retro feel. A tropical bamboo Schumacher fabric. This is a table print.

A patch of bamboo alternates with a branch blooming with tropical flowers. The small rather ...
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Price: $160.00
1 available for immediate delivery



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