Beach & Island fabric, Novelty Fabric

Beach fabric, island fabric oh my! Novelty fabric with things that might be found on the sand, or have an island look or feel are here!

Hier sind die Strand Stoff, Insel Stoff, und das Meer Stoffe.

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Total products in Beach & Island fabric: 88

Shell fabric French letters document print travel

A shell fabric with the interest of French letters. A shell document print fabric with the look of a vintage fabric. This is one of the most unique shell fabrics we have seen, and it is gorgeous! < ...
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Price: $22.00
81 available for immediate delivery

Retro tropical ocean fabric Hawaiian islands boat

A tropical ocean island fabric with palm trees and boats! A tropical island fabric with the feel of a retro Hawaiian fabric. Who remembers the TV show Adventures in Paradise?

Islands float ...
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Price: $20.00
97 available for immediate delivery

Beach cottage fabric ocean fish seashell seahorse

A beach fabric with seahorses, seashells, and more! This is perfect for any beach cottage, on any shore!

A busy patchwork fabric for coastal living with a few surprises! This beach cottage ...
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Price: $22.00
77 available for immediate delivery

Sand dollar fabric blue seashell ocean

A sand dollar fabric. A blue sand dollar seashell ocean fabric. This is an upholstery weight woven fabric.

Rows of sand dollars march across this fabric in an orderly fashion. They are a so ...
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Price: $25.00
8 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric ocean trellis starfish sand dollar brown

A sea shell scallop, sand dollar, star fish fabric. This matelasse fabric gives the effect is of a quilted fabric, it is neat!

Ropework forms a trellis of diamonds across a corregated bac ...
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Price: $13.00
99 available for immediate delivery

Seashell seahorse fabric brown nautilus starfish

A brown seashell seahorse fabric with nautilus and starfish. A brown orange seahorse seashell fabric with nautilus and conch shells. This is a unique shell fabric- subtle, understated, elegant.

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Price: $22.00
51 available for immediate delivery

Flamingo fabric retro tropical pink toile

A flamingo fabric. A retro pink flamingo fabric done as a toile. This cheerful fabric is perfect for any retro lover or a little girl's room where one wants something a bit different. But, you have ...
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Price: $22.50
64 available for immediate delivery

Beach fabric crab seashell seahorse- destash

A beach fabric with shells, seahorse, and crabs. This is a handprint.

This beach fabric is reminiscent of a sandy beach at ebb tide. Crabs, shells, and sea weed rest on a slate periwinkle ...
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Price: $24.00
9 available for immediate delivery

Thomas Paul Fabric Oceania turquoise blue squid turtle

A Thomas Paul Oceania fabric. A turquoise blue ocean fabric with lobsters, squids, turtles, blow fish, gold fish, and crabs!

Lobsters, crabs, turtles, squid, and the surprise of a blow fi ...
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Price: $35.00
7 available for immediate delivery

Seashell fabric ocean trellis starfish sand dollar turquoise blue

An indoor outdoor turquoise blue seashell fabric woven as a matelassť. This is the most intense Caribbean seaglass blue fabric ever! And unlike most indoor/outdoor fabrics, this is soft and smooth ...
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Price: $15.00
56 available for immediate delivery



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