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Ocean Fabrics, Beach, Coral, Aqua, Shell, Seashell, nautical, starfish, seahorse fabric
Chicken and Rooster Fabric and Toile
Horse fabric - Riding, Racing, Toile
Indienne fabrics
Toile de Jouy Fabrics

Brick House Fabrics Blog

Spa Buffalo Check- the Fabric of the Week

This week the fabric of the week is the 4″ buffalo check in the color spa.

Rooster Chicken Toile Fabric

Which came first? The chicken or the egg? As far as fabric patterns go, that is a no contest question- the chicken! Take a look at some of the many chicken patterns we have had! Sadly, many are out of print.

Fabric Highlights

Lake Fabrics Cabin Decorating

Yep- at last we have two lake fabrics! And they are perfect for cabin and lodge decorating!

Mermaid Fabric, Paint Brush Fabric

Well, it is March. And in March in Maine is not pretty. The weather alternates between snow and rain, zero degree temperatures and temperatures in the 40’s. The ground thaws to mud, which refreezes… To combat the March in Maine weather, two bright, cheerful fabrics have been listed!

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