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Yellow fabric. These novelty fabrics are perfect for: drapery fabric, curtain fabric, cushions, pillows, home decorating, and home decor.

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Embroidered seahorse fabric yellow orange

A orange embroidered seahorse fabric. An embroidered seahorse on bold yellow with seashells and coral.

A bold, bright rendition of the seahorse fabric! Seahorses, shells, and seaweed are ...
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Price: $30.00
28 available for immediate delivery

Coral fabric tropical sea shell upholstery- destash

A seashell coral fabric in pretty tropical colors! Rows of seashells and coral, in bright tropical colors, alternate on this woven upholstery fabric.

Pretty tropical colors of lime green, y ...
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Price: $25.00
2 available for immediate delivery

P.Kaufmann County Fair - Yellow rooster toile fabric French country

A golden yellow chicken rooster toile fabric. A country fabric that celebrates the seasons! This has many, many details! It is a classic! P.KAUFMANN Chicken Toile Fabric in curry! P.Kaufmann County ...
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Price: $25.00
118 available for immediate delivery

Sheer curtain fabric pink yellow floral- destash

A sheer curtain fabric with pale anemones. This is just so pretty! It would be wonderful blowing in front of an open window. It would also be wonderful as a table topper or runner.

Ane ...
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Price: $9.99
20 available for immediate delivery

Sheer curtain fabric floral pink purple blue pastel- destash

A sheer curtain fabric with huge flowering anemones! It would be wonderful blowing in front of an open window. This would also be wonderful as a table topper or runner.

Huge anemone flow ...
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Price: $9.99
24 available for immediate delivery

Deer fabric gold toile nature woodland cabin lodge

A deer fabric. A yellow gold deer toile fabric.

A stag bellow into the wild! This fabric is all about the life of a deer. A single long toile scene stretches across the fabric. A mother do ...
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Price: $25.00
11 available for immediate delivery

Stripe fabric Waverly ombred- destash

A Waverly fabric. A woven ombred floral ribbon stripe fabric done in a classic manner. While this is a woven pattern, it is not at all heavy.

Two different ribbon stripes are separated b ...
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Price: $9.99
3 available for immediate delivery

Vintage retro fabric farm cat rabbit plaid- destash

A true vintage retro novelty fabric with plaid. This retro fabric with its farm motif is perfect for a kitchen or child's room.

This fabric is just filled with color! Rectangles of a plai ...
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Price: $9.99
9 available for immediate delivery

French English menu fabric document script brown toile

A French English resturant menu document script with silverware fabric, with a vintage look.

A truely unique fabric! Antique silverware is shown resting on a variety of different menus and ...
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Price: $23.00
34 available for immediate delivery

Damask fabric yellow floral Italian

A classic floral damask fabric. A wonderful find for those who need yellow! This is made in Italy.

This classic damask fabric has a ribbon trellis, embellished with dropped tassels. This fr ...
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Price: $400.00
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