Caprese Salad

When summer tomatoes come in, and the heat and humidity are through the roof,who does not like a fast meal that still screams “SUMMER”? See my latest version of this classic summer fair.


While the classic caprese salad is simplicity itself, I have never been a fan of fresh mozzarella cheese that is mealy from being soaked by tomato juice. The following takes care of the problem. One tomato and one ball of mozzarella serves two.


Fresh ripe tomatoes, that have not been refrigerated
Firm fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil, washed and dried
Fresh spinach
Kalamata or other cured olives
Salt- sea salt is preferred



Early in the day wash the mozzarella, and pat dry.
Slice into even pieces.
Rip large basil leaves in one half, and put on the slices, reassemble the mozzarella into its original shape.
Put a little salt on your hands, and rub the ball lightly.
Wrap it in saran wrap, and put in the ice box to cure.

Clean the spinach, dry it, bag it, and put in the ice box until ready to plate the meal.

Sometime in the afternoon cube the tomato,
add salt, to bring up a brine.
Once juices are flowing, toss with thinly shredded basil.
Stir it occasionally.
Let sit at room temperature.


When ready to serve put a layer of the spinach
on the plates.
Spoon some of the tomatoes and juice on the spinach,
add the cheese decoratively,
spoon more of the tomato and their juices over it all.
Garnish with more shredded basil
and the olives.

The cool spinach and cheese are a wonderful contrast to the warm tomatoes!
All you need is nice wine and crisp bread!



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