December 21, 2015

Well, the winter wonderland has not happened for Maine yet… in fact, quite the reverse. The last record set for Christmas day was for 53 degrees, but different services give the date as either 1999 or 1953. Either way, it is supposed to be 62 degrees F, and 53 degrees F. on Christmas day.

So, are you all set? Having had eye surgery the first week of December, everything had to be done by December 1, as I was not certain when I could drive afterwards. And I have to say, it is the way to go… there is no stress, if it has all been done… down to the last bow. Think about it… instead of fretting, one gets to enjoy the season!

So, what is happening? As we speak, the new lace is enroute to us… it should be in by the end of the week… very exciting! An order has gone in to one of the French companies. It is 3 weeks out, but we will have new stock of things like the hot air balloon fabric, the bantam chicken fabric in blue, and several toiles.

I heard from another mill this morning… the export guy over there hopes to get me images of new fabrics by Christmas! We always look forward to seeing what is new!

On the home front, the US mills close soon, and reps will be on vacation. So, the fabric world is closing down. Everyone deserves a break… and I wish them all a wonderful Christmas vacation!

We deal with many fabric companies. And, we do develop relationships with people in customer service who take our orders, as well as those in accounting. And, I have to say, they are wonderful to deal with. I can not say enough on how nice they are, efficient, and helpful. They make our lives a lot easier, which makes everything more pleasant.

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