Decorating Fabric for Men

It is tough in today’s world to find fabrics for men, though we do try!

Fishing Toile Fabric
Fishing Toile Fabric

Let’s be honest- the home decorating fabric world is oriented towards women… all those toiles, all those florals. What’s a guy to do?

Well,  this weekend I listed a lot of fabrics that a guy might, depending on his intersts, like to have in his house.

The new snake fabric may not be for everyone… but if one thinks of it as modern art, it gives takes on a whole new prospective.  It is available in beige or in grey.

Beige snake skin fabric
Beige Snake Skin Fabric

The new equestrian polo fabric is definitely masculine.

Equestrian polo fabric
Equestrian Polo Fabric

Depending on ones’s look and color preference one of the three library fabrics might be of interest.

Library fabric
Library Fabric
Vintage library book fabric
Vintage Library Book Fabric


See the Basics Category – there are tweeds, solids, houndstooth, stripes, and more!


And see all of the men’s fabrics in the

Men are From Mars category


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