Exotic Animal Fabric Extinct Flora and Fauna

We are super excited about our new Extinct Animal Fabric!



First of all, this is one of the most unique fabrics
we have seen in a long, long time!



This shows extinct birds and animals-
starting with the dodo.

The Jamaican monkey is shown,
along with the quagga,
which is a subspecies of the plains zebra.
The armour plated greater one horned rhino is pictured,
as well as another animal with scales on its back-
it resembles a species of peccary.

There is a bearded leopard on this,
but I could not find any information on it.
And the bird of paradise appears to be the
lesser bird of paradise from New Guinea,
which is not extinct.



There is a huge array of flowers and leaves on this-
violets, arums, and many other plants are shown,
which gives this a lot of details,
and a lot of interest.

There is an added surprise-
a jelly fish and coral are included!

Colors are vintage, muted tones,
which show well against the oatmeal background.

One of the reasons I like this is the scale of the pattern.
While the vertical repeat is quite large- 31″,
the actual design elements are not.
The dodo is only 8 1/2″ tall,
from the top of the palm fronds,
to the bottom of the ground he stands on.

So many patterns today are just really large.
The scale of the pattern makes this more usable.



I think this would be wonderful as curtains,
with pillows to pull the pattern into the room.
I think layering this with other exotic animal fabrics
would create a really interesting effect,
for those that want a room with an African theme.

Think bamboo side tables,
chairs with faux leopard skins,
and other accessories to give an exotic look.

It would also be a nice fabric for a man’s library-
there s nothing frilly about this fabric!
I can see it in a book lined room with leather furniture.
Even a pillow or two would add interest!

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