Lattice Fabrics Listed!

Lattice fabrics- we have added new colors to the reversible lattice fabrics!

Reversible Navy Blue Lattice Fabric
Navy Blue Lattice Fabric- a reversible fabric

Lattice fabrics- timeless, they work with many different decorating styles. And the best part of these is they are reversible, giving even more possibilities for use.

Reversible navy blue lattice fabric
Navy Blue Lattice Fabric- the reverse side

We have two neutrals- a grey and a beige.

Reversible grey lattice fabric
Reversible Grey Lattice Fabric


Reversible beige lattice fabric
Reversible Beige Lattice Fabric

What sets these apart from many lattice fabrics is a very fine line of stitching along the edge of the lattice pattern, on the front side of the fabric. It gives the design greater definition, and adds a subtle touch of sophistication. While not visible on some colors, one can see it well on the beige, the yellow, and the soft pastel blue.

Reversible yellow lattice fabric
Reversible Yellow Lattice Fabric

The pastel blue is really pretty!

Reversible pastel blue lattice fabric
Pastel Blue Lattice Fabric

We will be continuing to add to lattice patterns
and geometric designs over the coming year.

One can see them in the

Geometric Fabric category.






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