Week of April 23, 2012

Spring is here! The grass is greening up, and in lower areas piles of dandelions are in bloom. It has been a very dry time, and the state of Maine has been on high alert for forest fires- a very unusual state for us at this time of year.


Dry clear sunny days, even some unusual heat has been the hallmark of this spring. But last Friday clouds formed. While Saturday remained grey, there were light showers on Sunday. Sunday night it started a true downpour, giving a well needed soaking. But yesterday was extreme rain, and high wind! The rain stopped this morning.

Going out to see how plants were the change from last Friday to now was amazing… trees have started leafing out, and plants are no longer in wilt, but revitalized.

In the spring here it seems one can go out and look at one’s garden and almost measure the progress of plants. It was too windy to get many good pictures, but some of the ones of Pulmonarias came out. I LOVE Pulmonaria! A lovely bridge plant between the early and late spring bulbs. They are nearly indestructible, and form ground covers in shade. Some, even take dry shade quite well. Many pulmonarias have flowers that open one color and finish another, making for a two toned effect.


opens pink and finishes blue.

Mrs. Moon does well in moist meadows or in dry shade, a useful plant indeed! The splotched folliage stays handsome throughout the growing season.


has deep purple blue blossoms that open wide.


has folliage that elongates and turns a bright silver with a thin green margin.
It really lights up shady places.


A PULMONARIA from the nursery
Hidden Gardens in Searsport, Maine.

While most Pulmonarias are being bred for larger and brighter flowers, this little charmer with it’s soft colors stands out well in the mid-spring light.


WEDNESDAY- April 25, 2012

The last of the very modern fabrics is up and running. This is a very graphic fabric, with the words New York and the skyline of the city. Done in neutrals, it is striking…



NEW YORK CITY FABRICThe Manhattan Skyline

This fabric is a woven, upholstery weight fabric with wonderful drape. The clouds above the skyline give motion to the whole. The reverse is just as striking.

See this and the other modern fabrics
in the Modern and Retro Style Decor in
the right hand menu.



Carol, from the state of Washington,
redid her chairs using the beige matelasse fabric with seashells and star fish.
See them in the
Postcards from Away!
And don’t forget to send pictures of YOUR projects!
We love to see what people do with the fabrics!



On another note…

We got an email from a lady who needed some tropical fabrics. So we went and pulled out some older fabrics that have not been listed. Most of these came in flat folded, and are priced to move. The first is a very lovely tropical with passion flowers. The beauty of this is the pale colored flowers and leaves against the smokey blue background.



We will be doing destash tropical fabrics all week,
so keep checking back.


THURSDAY- April 26, 2012

Today a retro tropical was added. It really has the look and feel of a 1958! It has two tropical flowering plants in a basket, under a banana tree!



RETRO TROPOCAL FLORAL FABRICwith flowering ginger and banana trees

The weather is supposed to change this afternoon, so pics have been taken, and edited before the clouds roll in. To be listed as soon as we can over the next few days are the following.

A small piece of tropical leaves- which is reminiscent of a bark cloth.

A bright and bold tropical floral in screamingly bright colors of orange, yellow, purple, pink, and green- there are two pieces of this.

A fun, cute passion flower and poppy floral in lively colors with a HUGE scale on a damask weave.

A piece of the Schumacher tropical orchid camellia on white.Two different Schumacher’s with orchids.

These all came in flat folded, and are priced accordingly.


FRIDAY- April 27, 2012

It rained all morning, and then cleared off. Around 1 this afternoon the wind picked up, and it is howling! A light green veil of leaves is visible on the trees now, but they aren’t large enough to muffle the sound. As it roars down the hill, it does sound like a freight train in the distance!

Todays tropical fabric offering is one that is all leaves. Greens and golds have been printed to look like a vintage barkcloth fabric.




It is only when one stands back from this that one sees there is a definitive pattern to the fabric- the large banana leaves and smaller deep green oval leaves give punctuation to what otherwise would be just a random pattern of green leaves. This is perfect for any room that needs an accent of vintage barkcloth.


SATURDAY- April 28, 2012

This morning the water was frozen in the bird baths! Yes, a chilly start to the day, with the wind still howling! Bright and sunny, it is just plain cold! But, today’s discounted tropical flower fabric would be a warm and brighten any room!



Orchids, gladiola, lilies, and more are seen life sized on this bold and beautiful fabric. There are two pieces of this, but the second one, which is not yet listed has a small dye flaw. It will be photographed tomorrow, and listed then.

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