Week of December 14, 2015

Hanukkah is over, and Christmas is just around the corner! And, here in Maine we continue to have the mildest winter most of us have ever had!


Right now the fields have grass growing- which Spots likes to munch.

And normally we are taking snowy walks.

Here are a few pictures of December in years past.

The schooners in Camden Harbor

Sunset at Great Salt Bay
it was cold enough for sea smoke to have formed.

Spot on the Rockland Breakwater, in a high wind

A small tree encased in ice

But, even though this winter is not the norm,
without snow, without the cold,
the signs of the season are everywhere…
it is still the holiday season!


TUESDAY- December 15, 2015

This year we added many new categories to our online store. And some of them we expanded by a lot! Well, we decided to revisit lace.

A long time ago I went on an extensive exploration, via the internet, of lace and lace companies. I found one company that I thought, and still feel, is possibly the best lace maker there is. The company has been making lace since 1837. They produce two kinds of lace, on looms, some of which, are over 100 years old!

While they have a huge archive of historical patterns, they have also developed patterns with a modern edge.

About a month ago I touched base with them. They kindly sent images of many, many patterns. The majority of people who have been asking us for lace have wanted traditional lace. To that end, we chose a number of patterns. And, as of this morning they are ready for shipment! We expect them in next week!

Nothing says happiness like Lace!

Watch the Fabric Blog for lace updates!

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